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Forest Dynamics

Forest Dynamics

How well are forests preserved in a given area? Forests are one of the most important terrestrial habitats and a carbon sink that needs to be conserved to fulfil biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation targets. By informing of forest cover trends, and their spatial distribution, it is possible to highlight countries, ecoregions or specific protected areas with worrying forest loss trends, as well as others where forest cover is well maintained or even increases through time either naturally or through forestation.

Indicator unit: Forest change statistics are expressed as the trend in the percent of the land covered by forests, as well as the total forest area (km2 ) gained or lost when compared to the reference year 2000.

Area of interest: The forest cover for the year 2000 and the forest change statistics are computed for each protected area, each country and each ecoregion and are provided for each terrestrial and coastal protected area of size ≥ 1 km2 ,each country and each terrestrial ecoregion.


Data Uploaded by Luca Battistella using the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas Services (2022)